Wing it is a side-scrolling mobile game with 2D graphics. The mission is to pass as many obstacles and collect as many coins as you can. You fly by tapping the screen. If the screen is not tapped, the bird will fall to the ground. Help your bird to collect as many coins and fly as far as possible! Dangerously addicting, just one more time gameplay!


How to play Wing it:

  • Dorian Dori (5/5)
    "Great! This is a really good mobile game."

  • Olivia Peralta (3.5/5)
    "Great game! I really enjoy playing it! I liked everything about it, maybe I would just add more characters to choose from."

  • Virginia Storey (4.5/5)
    "My whole family plays this game, my kids included! We even compete who will have better results. I love that it is all age appropriate."

  • Meghan Cooper (5/5)
    "I am in love with this game! I started playing it few weeks ago, and love it more and more every day. It gets more interesting as you develop your skills and move to different levels. Great game really."

  • Bret Collier (4/5)
    "Amazing game! It was my first time playing something like this but I learned how to play it really easy. And the best part is that the game becomes even better with time because you discover new maps and skills as you progress. Love it!"